Über Hofbauer

Packaging solutions for more than 110 years

Our beginnings

Since 1902 the name Hofbauer stands for
high-quality and innovative products.

Our history began with the idea of manufacturing industrial transport packaging.

Gregor Hofbauer manufactured the first wooden containers in 1902,
Metal, textile and leather for trade. Wood and leather followed later.
Metal case for the up-and-coming automotive industry.
This was the birth of today’s Hofbauer case range.

And it was “made in Germany” right from the start.

Hofbauer develops case solutions
for the automotive industry
- the hour of birth of the suitcase production.

New ways

The 70s represent a milestone in our company history. Through the use of new technologies (extrusion blow moulding and plastic injection moulding) Hofbauer produced plastic cases for the first time. The “Airbag” was a revolutionary briefcase and presentation case for the time. The Citybag series was also launched, which has since become one of our classics among industrial cases.

Gregor Hofbauer founds his own company. Everything begins with the production of containers made of wood, leather and metal.


The company hofbauer designs packaging solutions for the protection and transport of world-famous typewriters and camera brands.


Extrusion blow moulding machines are purchased - double-walled cases can be produced. The "airbag" is created. Also, the first Citybag is produced in this time.


hofbauer develops case solutions for the automotive industry - the birth of case production.


For the first time plastic packaging is produced by injection moulding.


The Megabag, a blown all-rounder, comes onto the market. By means of an inner core, customer-specific. Requirements can be met.


hofbauer also continues to invest in its machinery. The largest extrusion blow moulding machine with a clamping force of 130 t is purchased.


With the Minibag hofbauer launches a new injection-moulded plastic case in 4 sizes on the market.


The most varied product appears - the Maxibag with 26 different sizes.


hofbauer no longer only acts as a suitcase supplier, but as a packaging specialist for customer-specific solutions.